About us

Webixels is a web design company located in Western Australia. Since its inception in 2010, we have catered to the growing need for locally based Internet and database development services in Kimberley region.

Being a customer oriented Information Technology provider puts us in a top position in delivering services to government agencies, small businesses, individuals and nonprofit organizations.

Webixels render a talented and professional approach working directly with you to boost your presence on the web. We strongly believe in tapping into the client potential and strength for the improvement of our services. We understand your need and on a practical level we have an expert team of designers to create customer centric sites that meet your goals. No matter what, if you are looking to update your site, add new features, develop application or just start a new website, Webixels is here for you….

Our Process

Similar to traditional software development process, the website development has also some processes. Such process plan helps different actions put together to achieve a common goal that finally concludes into winning project completion. Webixels projects do go through some processes that help the team understand their respective roles on a given task to pull out maximum quality.

What is proces

Process is a well documented summary of rules to follow from starting phase to finishing phase of the development part.
Some of the rules are included below:

Discover: We carries out a detailed study of the project and take an analysis of the project to ensure that it meet your goals and needs. Planning phase: An important stage called the planning phase which set the stage for the whole project. This Phase includes interaction with the client and accompanying focus to detail. Design Phase: Here is defining a vision for your new site's design. Once it is approved we work to transform the profound ideas and design to create the website you wish. The revised rounds on process ensure your complete satisfaction.

Development Phase- It's a complete relaxation period for you. After the confirmation from you, you have little or no responsibilities while we transform contents and design to a wonderfully functioning site. Deliver. The completed website is submitted before you for testing and reviewing. After a complete study you can contact us for any changes to be made in the site. This is to make sure that the site is completely tuned to your requirements and 100% pleased to you.

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