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We offer various services including web development and software/application development.

WEB DESIGN Webixels offers web design services intended to let know the world what you do best and tell it in the most convincing way possible. What we do is, we approach clients and make out what they want exactly to achieve through the site for their business promotion. A process plan that is formed from the client requirements, include the steps from designing a website creation to the end phase of making it live. The amount the designer or website company spends on all the factors of the plan is vital. So it is important for a designer prefer a detailed plan before creating the site. Understanding the full process to client minimizes the risk and get better input which results in a good final site.
Your Business is important - so a website with right information with right design will attract wider audience and have popularity on search engines. If you are looking for site that tells the story of your business, here is an answer for your business and its goals. By upholding the aesthetic factors, designers at webixels extends web design services outlined to give attention to what you do and tell it in the most captivating way. Our designers can assist with branding, Customized content management, Design of Logo and animation.

GRAPHIC DESIGNS Graphical representation of images and messages has a great role in building visually appealing websites. To represent the messages and images in visual format is an interesting process. There the importance of a graphic designer plays. Our designers have the basic idea of design which are mostly covered in the principles of Balance Alignment Repetition Contrast and white space Most of the customers want to embed their decisions or to represent the contents in a visually attractive form.
So its a great challenge for a designer to build a graphical impression that meets the customers need. Experienced designers at webixels ensure that the design must be at par with the trending technology and an effective information-dispenser. Critical evaluation of design work and the use of theoretical frameworks ensure that the design practice is at par with the international standards. Latest graphic design softwares are used to create exciting designs, since we understand how important a design is to your business and branding in the web. Never compromise on your vision and quality that's the personal mantra at webixels.

WEB HOSTING When you build a website and want people to see it, you will need to make it public with a Web Hosting Service. Web hosting services allows the users to view the requested pages that are stored in web servers. When any user type your web address in the browser the web server holding your files connected to the Internet retrieve your site information back to the user computer. Thus the user can browse and see the pages of your website. Before you get into web hosting services you have to have a domain name so that your website can be seen on the Internet. Domain name is actually the websites Internet address as your company has the street address. Taking this into consideration it is good to choose a domain name that is impressive and significant. We will help you to choose a domain name that can bring your website to have a prominent presence in the Internet.
We provide Internet hosting service for your website and email using the servers located in Australia and USA by giving full on line control of your domain. Hosting allows the users and organizations to access your website via World Wide Web (WWW) Getting full online control means you are the website administrator. You can manage the site easily through our user friendly control panel and GUIs From our strong infrastructure to highly accomplished employees we have built reputation for delivering the services when it matters most.

APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Webixels application development services help clients build knowledgeable business applications that are durable, scalable and expandable. We offer clients to develop performance, scalability, profitability and productivity of existing and new applications. We practice well and matured principles including the complete lifecycle of software development process to make sure final product is a quality application. Webixels is powered by IT Professionals and domain experts with solid exposure in development who are ready to meet the design and development challenges on all platforms.
Moving with the Latest Trend.
The development is witnessing a strong urge towards the web application that behaves like a native application. The trend is that more and more applications are moving to web more precisely to browser centric. In the coming years technology is playing an important role in the business and clients who adapt latest changes will be more beneficial than the others who do not adapt to the changes. Customers now these days are smart and they want their business application be smart a powerful application that runs on smart phones and tablets as well. So to develop simply understandable application interface is challenging task for us.

DOMAIN SERVICES A strong online presence is the key for success in todays economy. As we have expertise in the field of domain services webixels has all the tools your business needs to define and protect its brand on web. Our domain services help you to save time and hassle The Service includes: New Registrations. DNS Hosting. Transfers Name changes Renewals What a domain name can do with your business? Domain name is the corner stone of your presence in the Internet and its very essential for to select good domain name that suits your business. The choice will make a high punch on websites successful performance in the search engine optimization and social media marketing. Get benefits for the money you are spending and mark your presence on the web through our excellent services in the area of domain service naming. We provide different array of domain name extensions that give you more choice and flexibility. Since our inception in 2010, we have worked vigorously to make the domain services a perfect art.